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After gaining a BA in Education in 2009, I worked within Women’s and Children’s support services for the next 10 years, with a particular interest in relationship and familial issues, further training led me to becoming a practise specialist in supporting families in their parenting and communication. 

After qualifying as a person centred counsellor and building up private practise in life coaching, I’m now on the  journey to an MSc in Psychotherapy, concentrating on integrating the areas of the person centred approach, attachment and CBT to support people more holistically in their worries and difficulties. 

Busy lives, having a family, maintaining a job and being the best partner you can is a massive task and it’s not always easy to find an honest, reliable and non – judgmental opportunity for support. 

I constantly hear from people how elusive helpful support can be – that is why I developed this site!  – to try to bring together, in one place, some of the things which people might find useful – accessible and free!  

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