Building coping skills to withstand life’s roller coaster

Nov 16, 2020 | Health | 0 comments

Coping skills are your ability to handle the times that life goes wrong; maximising your chances of survival and minimising the collateral damage.

There is a virtually unlimited spectrum of difficult or even devastating situations that could hit you any time, we never know when or quite how but serious illness or accident, chronic pain, an abusive relationship, financial difficulties or loss of a job can send us seriously discombobulated.

Even choice events such as having a new baby, moving in with a partner or striving for promotion can throw up insecurity and make us question ourselves, our ability and our confidence. 

Will you be lost and destroyed under the stress or do you have that solid bank of skills that you can draw on from inside yourself to stay in control, get through and actually move forward into a stronger place?

Your ability to cope relies mostly on two areas of focus;



So, how do you activate those two areas in a synchronised way to get the best for yourself?

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