The Ingredients of Happiness

May 6, 2022 | Health | 0 comments

I’ve been closely observing the happenings in the world recently, moreover some of the people in it. It brought me to thinking: what IS happiness? How do we achieve it? Is it quantifiable? Or even a real thing? What does it mean to ‘be happy’…

I used to be one of those gals who chased a dream – did what I liked, moved through the world with certainty that my happiness was found in the people I chose, the places I visited, the things that I did in those places. Now, thats not to say that those things are undervalued in my mind; I had some brilliant, hilarious, exciting experiences. I travelled far, took thrilling risks. The people I met were interesting, charming, avidly chasing their own sense of happiness and we became, collectively, a posse of ever-higher reaching escapades.

The problem arose when the happy bubble got so big and floate so high, that, as all bubbles do, it wore thin and popped! Inevitably, some might say ‘You cant have a high without a low’ – is that true?

Now, in my much less varied and much more reasonably paced life; supporting people, being my own supporter in my own way, without the energetic infiltrations of drugs, drinks, or even much dancing (I sure loved to dance – on tables mostly!), am I still happy?

I see the Johnny Depp’s and Amber Heard’s of the world, MINTED with money, fame, the material goods and people holding them to court (quite literally right now, as it happens!) and I think ‘the veneer was just that, such a think veneer. You had what people quite literally see as ‘everything’ ..and yet…..and YET you STILL couldnt descend your own misery’

Now. Im not slating either of them – Its tragic, their story. …Say whatever you like about either of them, but even wrong uns’ can be abused and NOONE should be abused. Or abuse. Period

But the interesting question is ‘what makes us happy? Where and how do we find it?’

Your own soul feeds your happiness, in my opinion, and it can be whatever ! For me it might be a fleeting moment when I sit in my garden and look up at the blue sky on a hot day …. or it might be a client being able to look me in the eye for the first time because they feel, in that moment, just about safe enough to do so. These are pure, honest, true moments, that require no props, no explanation and no force. They just are. And they feel hopeful

So, if you want to find your happy, find your inner peace with yourself, find the things that open your heart to yourself, not to anyone else. If you manage that you will find something that is nurturing , nourishing and deeply supportive

I guess the upshot is this; your happy …. YOUR happy…. doesn’t have to be explained to anyone, or chased, or even played out as a ‘big high’, it could just be a 10 minute sit down with a cup of tea and a feeling of calm or whatever it is for you. I know that the moments of happiness are totally utterly subjective and, in my opinion, created by inner peace, inner tranquillity, from the inside out.

Much Love xx

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