25 Things I wish I’d known earlier in life, but it’s never too late to start…

Jan 31, 2021 | Health | 0 comments

A simple list of things that I’ve learnt the hard way over the years (thing’s I wish I’d known and started in my twenties!)

  1. Make your bed every day – it will help you start the day feeling organised and it’s cleaner!
  2. Travel light through life – only keep what you need – don’t hoard!
  3. It’s OK to cry when you hurt – man or woman – It’s OK to feel sad sometimes – but when you’re done, wash your face, clean your mess, talk to someone, look to the future and get off that black cloud as soon as you can – you don’t belong there
  4.  If you’re going to swear, use it in a clever way
  5. Always seek out people and places that you have something in common with and make you feel good about yourself – politely walk away from those that don’t
  6. Try not to judge others – and if you do, let it go as soon as you can – judging festers inside you and only serves to make you cynical!
  7. Just because you CAN doesn’t mean that you SHOULD and what you WANT isn’t always what you NEED – choose things that are good for you
  8. You don’t need a relationship but it’s nice to have a special person in your life
  9. Happiness is not a permanent state and others are not responsible for keeping you happy – feel content inside and you can move more easily from an unhappy to a happy state
  10. Be your own hero and your own best friend
  11. Never lie to yourself
  12. Have a balance between ‘sugar’ and ‘spice’ – don’t let people walk all over you but don’t push people away
  13. If you stay anywhere for more than a night, unpack your bag – it’s just better
  14. If you have an opinion share it, but don’t expect others to agree – allow freedom of thought, it weighs less heavy
  15. Practise your passions, always, whatever they are
  16. Ask for what you want and go for the things that you want. They won’t land at your feet without effort
  17. Wish and have dreams –then get to work to make them happen!
  18. Fall in love with life – people, places, ideas, music, food, travel – enjoy life
  19. Naps are really good for you
  20. Man or woman, use factor 50+ moisturiser everyday – believe me, you will thank me for this when you’re 50!
  21. Trust your intuition – if it feels wrong, it probably is
  22. Say what you mean and mean what you say
  23. You are always enough – you don’t have to compete unless you want to
  24. Say please and thankyou often but reserve sorry for when you truly are
  25. You are AMAZING! Done ever let anyone ever make you feel that you’re not. Don’t allow yourself to make you feel you’re not and if you do, work to change that!
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