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Most of us have them and might have been with one of the ‘big banks’ for ever – but there’s a new way of looking at our money – lower fees, more control and judging by the way that banks have behaved over the last twenty years, less risk!

‘App’ banking is the easiest way to keep an instant eye on your money and here are some great options to explore;

Features; free banking, even abroad, helpful ‘split bill’ feature for when paying as a group, ‘pot’ feature where you can round up any purchase to the nearest pound and save the extra in a ‘pot’, free ‘energy checker’ to search for up to minute deals on gas and electricity

Features; Free banking, even abroad. Real-time notifications when you use your debit card, ‘in credit’ interest, ‘savings goal’ feature where you can set your own saving intention

Features; Ethical banking where money is used to support local and international organisations and charities, socially, environmentally and culturally, £3 per month inclusive charge for banking used to support these causes,  regular updates and access to all investment and projects funded by the bank, automatic entry into the Triodos Community of like – minded customers

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