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Nov 16, 2020 | Health | 0 comments

In nearly every challenging situation with emotional blocks there ARE specific actions you can take to minimise the damage and ease the difficulty, mainly determined by your thinking skills.

If there’s no immediate answer, it might take a bit of creative thinking to brainstorm ideas. If there are too many options and ‘what ifs’, try to categorise the trade offs against the gains of each option to decide the best choice for you. Then, time management the solution and clarify all of this into a plan of action.

In our quieter, calmer times, we’re easily able to manage such a level of thinking and coping skills but when there’s a complication it heightens our stress mechanisms and activates the ‘emotional brain’, at the same time as shutting down our ‘thinking brain’ – How do you deal with that at those poignant moments?

Why not try these?, taken from CBT (Cognitive behaviour Therapy) theories and strategies –

Use ‘strategic’ thinking which basically means ‘calculated’ thinking. ‘Think’ on paper/type  as much as possible – its scientifically proven that the actual task of ‘writing’ helps the brain to process as it moves along the words

Write down the desired outcome of the situation and sequence all of the of steps you need to take for the plan to work– from the initial idea through to completion

Trust your intuition that voice inside your own head coupled with the feelings that certain ideas or potential outcomes create is your best indicator that your’e on the right track – NO-ONE knows you better than you.  You know, deep inside, what is right for you and when it’s the right time for you to take action – trust in this! 

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